T700 Cannulated Screw System

The Renovis T700 Cannulated Screw System was designed to allow the surgeon to
address multiple trauma situations where high-strength fixation is required.

Indications include:*

  • Femoral neck fractures
  • Slipped capital femoral epiphyses
  • Acetabular and pelvic fractures
  • Tibial plateau fractures
  • Subtalar arthrodeses
  • Intercondylar femur fractures
  • Sacroiliac joint disruptions
  • Ankle arthrodeses

This comprehensive system includes diameters ranging from 3.0 to 7.5 mm, partially threaded and fully threaded designs, and the option of low-nickel, high-strength BioDurĀ® 108 stainless steel.

*Not indicated for use in the spine.