S100 Pedicle Screw System Features and Benefits

Spine Product Group

The S100 Pedicle Screw System provides options that allow the surgeon to tailor the construct to the specific needs of the patient.  The top-loading, low-profile design helps avoid impingement with adjacent anatomy.

Full range of screw and rod options

  • Screws
    • Diameters 4.5 mm to 8.5 mm
    • Solid or cannulated
    • Self-tapping, double-lead thread to speed insertion
    • Polyaxial, uniplanar, and reduction options
      • 60 degrees of screw angulation (Figure 1)
  • Rods
    • 5.5mm and 6.0mm diameters
    • cp-titanium, titanium alloy, and CoCr alloy
Figure 1: S100 Pedicle Screw with 60°
of multi-axial angulation

Helical Flange® locking technology

  • Minimizes cross-threading of screw seat locking cap
  • Prevents “tulip splay”
  • Ensures construct rigidity
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Figure 2: Helical Flange threaded locking cap

Flexible, ergonomic, and intuitive system

  • Color-coded implants for easy identification of sizes
  • Multiple rod reduction devices
  • Sagittal and coronal in-situ bending instruments
  • Innovative screw removal instrument
  • Unique zero-clearance rod reduction alternative
  • Three streamlined trays (Figure 3)
Figure 3: S100 Pedicle Screw System instrument case and trays

Helical Flange® is a registered trademark of the Jackson Group.